Join our team!

Join our team!

I am actively looking for motivated, ambitious, excited, and passionate graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and undergraduate researchers to join my lab at Cornell!

I am looking for students eager to pursue ground-breaking research to push the frontier of computing by designing efficient, scalable, and responsible computing systems. The central theme to my research is co-designing solutions across the computing stack to design and implement systems in new ways to improve the performance, efficiency, and environmental sustainability of computing. Given the inherently interdiscpilinary nature of our research, there is no specific technical prerequisite to joining the group and noone is expected to be an expert in all areas. Instead, we are looking for researchers ambitious and motivated students to build an interdisciplinary, collaborative research team. Some areas of expertise that may be particularly relevant include circuits and VLSI, computer architecture, run-time systems, embedded systems, cloud-scale systems, AI/ML and robotics, AR/VR, and environmental sustainability. However, if you feel strongly about our mission and believe you are good fit, please reach out!

If you are interested in working with me, please send me an email with the following:

If you are a PhD student interested in working with me, please apply to the Cornell ECE PhD program and mention me in your application.

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